High Pulp

High Pulp is Seattle’s newest force. Coining their genre as “future funk fusion”, this funk collective combines inspiration from legends such as Herbie Hancock and Pharoah Sanders with modern influences ranging from hip-hop to electronic music. High Pulp draws comparisons to groups like Snarky Puppy and Badbadnotgood, leaving their mark through energetic live performances. Obsessive attention to compositional detail and unique song structure characterizes High Pulp’s music, along with rich improvisational experimentation. Come enjoy High Pulp’s show for an engaging in-the-moment musical conversation or simply to get down to some

groovy tunes.

| Rob Granfelt - Drums | Scott Rixon - Bass | Rob Homan - Keyboards | | Antoine Martel - Keyboards | Gehrig Uhles - Guitar |
| Andrew Morrill - Sax | Victory Nguyen - Sax |

Brett Benton

“Alabama-born and Southern-raised, Brett Benton has been obsessed with country blues ever since he was a child, listening to his parents’ and grandparents’ records at an early age. By his teens he was playing behind a drum kit, and by his early 20's was learning his way around slide guitar. Currently in the Pacific Northwest, he has played many regional and national festivals and venues and most recently he has signed to Knick Knack Records with his first studio album You Got To Pray released April 2019.


He has been on the same stages at venues and festivals with many artists of all calibers, including Grammy-Nominated artist Cedric Burnside (featured on his debut album You Got To Pray), International Blues Challenge award winning Selwyn Birchwood Band, internationally touring and BMA winning artists Walter Trout, Samantha Fish and The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, and West Coast favorites HILLSTOMP. Known for his fierce rhythmic finger picking, melodic slide guitar and booming voice, Brett's raw style is best heard one of two ways: paying homage to its roots with solo, acoustic slide guitar; and electric alongside a heavy, relentless and dynamic style of drums that really emphasizes what country blues is all about… the hypnotic groove that gets folks up and dancing! For either style being played, both remain true to the nature of country blues – a style not played by many – while also retrofitted with grit and a bit of heaviness from the modern times. His music keep the fans moving and grooving!”

The Pazific

The Pazific (pronounced just like the Pacific Ocean) is a musical collective led by Seattle-based duo Alex and Jefferson Rose. Much of their music is influenced by Alex's Mexican heritage and California upbringing, and Jefferson's studies and travels in Latin America and Spain. 

Their debut release, The Fusión EP is a wave of Seattle sound, blending the spirit of the West Coast with inspiration from around the world. With songs in English and Spanish, The Pazific’s Latin soul and pop hit home, while their nomadic influences take you on unexpected journeys.

Their current live show lineup includes: 
Alex Rose - Vocals 
Jefferson Rose - Bass  
Nia Neal - Drums 
Lalo Bello - Percussion 
Sam Damage - Guitar 
Jane Covert-Bowlds - Saxophone 
Graham Cornwell - Trumpet 
Brandon Hunter - Trombone 

One thing is guaranteed with all The Pazific’s musical collaborators: they play with their hearts and get the crowd moving.

Reposado: Tequila Funk

Reposado is a 4-7 piece Afro-Latin Funk band lead by Jean-Paul Builes on vocals and rhythm guitar accompanied by other prominent featured artists on drums, lead guitar, Trombone, Bass, and alto tenor sax. 

Their hip-shaking, foot-stomping rhythms reminds one of James Brown, Feli Kuti, Curtis Mayfield, even The Doors and delivers the audience with messages of togetherness, community, hardship, hope, and having a damn good time. 

Reposado is more than the music, it’s a movement! Lead by Jean-Paul Builes on vocals and guitar, and a feature drummer slanging funky beats, Reposado weaves its message through the crowd and invites them to participate with their bodies and---with instruments! “Rhythm is the counter to distraction,” Reposado encourages the audience to lend their voice during acts, building upon one another, busting

through reluctancy, transcending to enthrall the whole audience to participate.

Curated Afro-Latin Funk, Reposado finds their voice centered in the crowd. Creating a movement of connection, and vulnerability that encourages everyone in the crowd to rise and let loose. Hailing from New York City, Jean Paul has established a sound fusing iconic New York Street performance and sweet Delta Blues. Reminiscent of Jim Morrison, Fela Kuti, BB King, Kurtis Mayfield or James Brown;Reposado commands an uplifting change of atmosphere in a passive



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